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What are b2b data lists and how can I use them?

A business-to-business or ‘b2b’ data list is perhaps one of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing arsenal. This is data that is legally obtained and gives you contact information and other useful titbits about companies and individuals who may be of interest to you, for the purposes of direct marketing. Here we take a closer look at what business lists UK companies can access and where you might buy marketing and email data.

What information is available in b2b data lists?

A company specializing in direct marketing services will be able to supply you with business data and marketing lists that contain a variety of public information, including a company’s name, address and basic contact details, as well as the details of named individuals within those organisations. These are people who have consented to their business contact information being made available and the data might include direct email addresses, phone numbers and job titles.

The marketing data analysts of a B2B digital marketing agency have the expertise to customise the marketing lists you buy, allowing you to really zone in on the people who are most likely to be receptive to a direct approach. If, for instance, you work in the education sector, then educational data lists would give you the names and contact details of hundreds or thousands of teachers, academics and education material providers who might be interested in your services.

How are b2b data lists generated?

If you were to try and obtain all this information for yourself, it would be an incredibly time-consuming and arduous task. The joy of using a ready-made b2b marketing list is that the data provider has done all the hard work for you, and at scale. These lists often contain hundreds – if not thousands – of contact details.

Such lists are compiled through a combination of surveys and public records, including web registration records, listings with Companies House, business filings and online professional networks. All this information is then pooled and an experienced data provider will screen the data to check its accuracy and ensure everything is up to date.

Why should I use a b2b data company?

In short, a b2b data company can save your business time and money for database marketing. Compiling, vetting and updating these lists is a mammoth task and not one that many people want to take on in-house. When you buy business email lists from a professional data company, you can target the people who are most valuable to your business and are spared the expense of a mass or ‘blanket’ marketing campaign which is unlikely to yield results.

The important thing is to choose the right sort of data company. There are all sorts of laws relating to privacy, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) setting out strict rules on what sort of data you can purchase and use. A reputable and experienced company such as AD Marketing will go above and beyond to ensure the data they supply is wholly compliant with the law, as well as being accurate and tailored to your business needs.

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