The Benefits of International Data Lists

How your company can leverage International Business Data

Have you ever found yourself wanting to expand your business proposition or service reach to a global market, but had no idea where to start or in which direction to turn?

So often we are being told that social media and online platforms are the way to go, and yet it seems that unless you have a starting point from which to jump, the ability to reach that coveted global marketplace is not only challenging but near impossible.

That’s where international data and localised knowledge comes into play

Operating on a B2B scale, we are one of the leading suppliers of international business contact information across a range of different sectors – all GDPR compliant, localised and effective, and all supplied by relevancy according to your target audience needs.

So, what are the benefits of international data lists, and why can’t you just go online and find some email addresses and contact names yourself?

Benefits of global business information

International business leads are much more than just names and email lists. Crucially, the most effective data captures are those which identify the niche areas which make a company relevant for a particular campaign or marketing drive and ensure that communication only goes out to those most likely to show interest. This all comes together in what we call lead generation – with analytics targeting only those consumers most likely to convert into customers so that the campaign receives a high conversion rate and becomes a business success.

Of course, what this means is identifying what those niche brackets may be, so that you know which kind of international contacts you need. This is where international and localised data lists can actually be beneficial to helping you establish that niche – using a generic data list to first capture the kinds of people that are interacting, responding, and even buying from you. From there you can determine where they fit with your business proposition, and thus find your niche in that local market.

Using global data in your company marketing

Once you have identified your niche and found yourself the right international list of contacts, the real benefits kick in.

For one thing, the more structure you have to your data list, the more organised your comms will be and the more you will be able to track response rate and interest. Even those organisations and contacts who are not interested in your offering will, from then on, be aware of your company and your brand – and that kind of recognition is critical in the ruthless world of business.

Data lists also enable you to streamline the time spend on customer outreach, eradicating the need for crucial local market research on a global scale and instead allowing your team to focus on more important operational aspects of driving your business forward.

Finally, to the benefit we all look for as business owners – a higher conversion rate and more industry recognition. Going global is not something to be undertaken lightly, however with our high quality and effective international business leads and contacts, we can take you some way towards conquering a global audience.

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