The Benefits of B2C and B2B data lists for Your Business

The collection, analysis and sale of B2C and B2B Data Lists is not a new concept in marketing. Indeed, customer feedback and the monitoring of customer behaviour was being carried out long before the internet came into existence.

That being said, we are now firmly in a digital age, and the ways in which we collect B2B data and, indeed, the results are getting more targeted, accurate and sophisticated by the day. Consumers are creating fresh data every day, and marketing experts are becoming ever more creative and skilled with the way that they use this information. There is no doubt that consumer data is now imperative to a successful marketing strategy.

But how, specifically, can buying B2B Data Lists support your business?

  1. Targeted Marketing
    Data on consumer desires and behaviours helps you to target marketing to specific demographics, and to cater your offers and services to specific consumer demands.
  2. A Personalised Customer Experience
    Consumers like it when they feel that an experience has been curated for them in particular. B2C data can help you to meet their interests and to customize any interactions you, or your online platforms, have with them. In a fiercely competitive online market that operated globally, a personal experience is rare, and so is very valuable if you can get a reputation for it.
  3. Service Development
    Knowing exactly what your target audiences respond to is hugely beneficial to the growth and improvement of your business and the way that you interact with consumers. Every piece of data, from product reviews to purchasing patterns, can go towards the fine-tuning of your services.
  4. More Efficient Marketing Strategies
    With access to good quality data, the creation of marketing strategies becomes more efficient. Creating them becomes more straightforward, as you relying on clear directions as opposed to guesswork. The marketing material itself will also have a higher conversion rate, as you are not wasting time and money on marketing strategies that are ineffective.

Why use Marketing Data Lists?

At Marketing Data Lists, we are committed to creating a great customer experience, and making the process of data acquisition as simple as possible for our clients. Why else should you come to us for all your data needs?

  • We have 25 years’ experience in providing B2c and B2B Data Lists.
  • We have a specific package available designed to help businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. This package helps companies acquire fresh leads through email campaigns targeted at company decision-makers.
  • We are a highly accurate data broker that offers extremely competitive value.
  • Our data lists include full names of decision-makers, job titles, email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers.
  • We have access to over 4 million postal records, 1 million phone numbers and 700,000  business email leads
  • We can assist with email broadcasting when you buy email leads and telephone marketing for your business.

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