What is demographic data, and how might it help your marketing campaigns?

Demographic data is a form of in-depth business data that can really help you narrow down your marketing, so you only target those who are likely to engage. Business data lists which are broken down into specific sub-categories, such as age or job title, can help you pinpoint those who might be interested in the goods or services you have to sell, making them more effective than blanket advertising.


Demographic data might include the phone numbers, email addresses, employment information, income brackets and qualifications of named individuals, putting you in direct contact with a potential customer. If you’re still not convinced by their value, here’s how demographic business data lists might help your next marketing campaign.


They narrow down your target audience


Whatever it is you’re trying to promote, it’s never going to be for everyone. By taking big data and filtering it by demographic categories, you help narrow down the list of people who might engage with your marketing and you get to contact them directly. Whether you search by age bracket, income or a specific job title, you reach the people you need to reach and are more likely to see your success rates improve.


They help you understand what people want


In-depth business data provides you with more than just a snapshot of your customers’ needs, it helps you really drill down into what they want from you and how you can deliver that. Reaching out to people directly opens up a conversation, and it’s only through talking to people that you learn what will work best for them. Knowing what people want helps you target the right people with the right marketing, and that means a more successful campaign.


They save you time and money


Blanket marketing is a bit of a blunt instrument. It reaches a lot of people, of course, but not necessarily the people you need to reach, and the bigger your marketing campaign, the more costly it is in terms of both time and money. If you can launch a more targeted, more accurate strategy, it’s far more cost-effective than casting the net wide and hoping you get through to your target audience. You reach the right people a lot faster when you have more in-depth business data at your fingertips.


They provide a personal touch


By acquiring the names and contact details of an individual, you make your marketing far more personal. Nobody likes to be made to feel they’re just a number in a system, but being able to email or call someone directly makes them feel valued. It also means you can go straight to the person with purchase power, rather than emailing a general business account or cold calling an organisation – no emails sent into the abyss and no phone calls to a general office number.


AD Marketing is one of the UK’s top providers of business database information, supplying educational data lists to companies across a range of industries. Our high-quality demographic data helps you forge better marketing campaigns and generate new leads, so get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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