What are b2b data lists and how can I use them?

Business-to-business (b2b) data is information that can be built under legitimate interest under the law of GDPR /PECR and can be used by a company for direct marketing purposes. If you’re launching a marketing campaign, then b2b data lists can be an incredibly powerful tool because they allow you to pinpoint the demographic, businesses or even individuals who are more likely to be receptive to a direct approach.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what information is contained within the marketing lists you might want to buy, and where you can buy them.

What information can you find in b2b data lists?

Business database information can be a real goldmine if you’re planning a marketing campaign! A well-researched database will contain the names, job titles, email addresses and telephone numbers of people within an organisation, as well as the more general contact details for the business. If you buy marketing data and targeted e-mail lists from a reliable supplier, then they should be able to tailor the information they provide.

You may, for instance, be interested in public sector data lists, so a provider should be able to give you marketing lists which only target public sector bodies and affiliated organisations. The information you get from b2b data lists can be as specific or as broad as you like, but the more you can narrow down your field, the more successful your marketing campaign will be. But ensure you associate with a reliable b2b digital marketing agency for b2b services.

Where can you buy email marketing lists?

There are lots of b2b data providers UK companies can approach mailing lists for purchase, but there are one or two things you should bear in mind. Some data providers may be skating on thin ice when it comes to the laws regarding privacy, and the last thing you want is to jeopardise your business and reputation by falling foul of the GDPR rules.

Always look for a data provider that is famous for data-driven marketing, and has a solid track record and excellent customer reviews. Ensure they use the latest b2b lead generation tool. Many smaller and newer data providers will have less experience with the nuances of privacy legislation and may be inadvertently breaching the law. A firm such as AD Marketing – which has more than three decades of experience in this field – has the expertise to ensure its data is compliant with all existing and upcoming legislation.

Why choose AD Marketing?

AD Marketing has built a reputation as one of the top b2b data providers UK firms can rely on. Our marketing lists and business email lists are as up-to-date as it’s possible for them to be, giving us a 90% accuracy rate for phone numbers and an 85% accuracy rate for email addresses – these are among the highest scores for any marketing company.

Unlike many data providers, we have the highest levels of internal checks to ensure all our data is legally compliant, which means you can buy marketing data from us with confidence. We have one of the largest databases in the UK, but we can tailor your marketing lists so they perfectly suit your business needs. That means you’re only paying for the information that matters most.

To find out more about how AD Marketing can help, simply get in touch today.

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