The education market is booming, and so is the need for educational data

The education market in the UK is big business. The latest figures show that there are over 9 million students in the country, and over half a million full-time teachers. The university sector continues to be an attractive prospect for both domestic and overseas students, and while numbers coming from the EU may have fallen slightly post-Brexit, the UK is still seen as a world-leading provider of higher education.


As the education market booms, so does the need for educational data. High quality education data provides companies with direct access to academics and those in education, an invaluable resource for businesses wishing to market their own educational products and services. So how might educational data be made to work for you?


What is education data?


Educational data might include the names, job titles, telephone numbers, email addresses and age brackets of individuals across the education sector, be they teachers, university academics or those providing goods and services for schools, universities and other higher education establishments. Just about anyone working in education will be on a public sector data list, unless they have decided to opt out.


For companies looking to buy data lists, education data can be a good way to make contacts in the industry and generate leads. If you can make a direct approach to someone in an educational role, it’s far more personal than sending blanket emails and hoping for the best.


Where can I find an education data service provider?


There are all sorts of companies who can provide you with education data, but you need to ensure the provider you go with is acting within the law and is reputable. There are multiple regulations surrounding personal data, and breaching them can lead to prosecution and reputational damage. To ensure your education data is in line with all GDPR rules, you need to choose your provider carefully.


AD Marketing is one of the UK’s top business data providers, renowned for the quality of our B2B data lists. These include one of the most extensive education sector data lists to be found anywhere, with thousands of listed education professionals right across the UK’s education and training industries.


Why choose education data from AD Marketing?


AD Marketing has built a reputation on providing the highest quality B2B data, and that includes education data. Our data lists are as up-to-date as it’s possible to be, with an 85% deliverability on emails and a 90% accuracy rate for postal addresses. All the phone numbers we include have also been checked and are included in ‘do call’ lists, which means potential customers are open to a direct approach and are more likely to pick up the phone.


As all our education data lists are GDPR compliant and regularly updated, you can be confident you’re getting the most accurate data lists on the market. Whether you’re pitching to supply interactive whiteboards, provide teacher training or even run a company offering cleaning services to schools, if you work in the world of education and training, AD Marketing can help you reach the people who matter most.


For more information on how we can help, simply visit our website or get in touch today.

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