B2B Data Lists and the Importance of Relevant Targeted Data

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to build and retain client relationships. It can be a tedious task to create your B2B email list, and some companies believe that buying the least expensive data will help them excel in their marketing efforts. That’s actually not the case. Today, you’ll learn what B2B marketing data and lists are and why sourcing relevant, targeted data is the best option for your business.

What are B2B Data Lists?

B2B marketing data lists have become very popular in the modern age. B2B data includes information such as:

  • prospect names
  • contact details
  • company revenues and business statuses
  • social media profiles

These key details help you build a B2B email list where you can routinely reach out to these prospects and provide helpful information that will draw them to your services.

Relevant B2B data lists are comprised of potential leads that are most likely to buy what you have to offer, so they are highly targeted to the industries you serve.

How Do You Build a B2B Email List?

There are two ways you can build your B2B email list. You can use information from current customers already in your database, and you can buy a B2B database from a trusted company that regularly collects this information from the entire population. While to some, this may sound deterring, however these are normal and necessary business practices. Most marketing companies need access to data to develop and generate new leads and convert them into clients. In fact, we offer targeted B2B lists in the UK. These will make the lead generation process a lot easier and save you time, so you can focus on what you do best.

Bad Data Vs. Good Data

Bad data includes mistakes like misspelt names, inaccurate/incorrect email addresses, and telephone numbers with missing digits. Bad data also consists of prospects not within the industries you serve. These could be companies chosen randomly or ones that haven’t ever looked into what your company does.

Good data has minimal mistakes and is highly targeted to the businesses you serve. This means there are relevant companies listed that have already searched for products like yours. This data is collected through surveys and consistent research, so you’ll never have a faulty B2B email list again.

Why is Relevant Data so Important?

Let’s say you own a software company that integrates all necessary tools into one place for digital marketing firms. You probably aren’t going to sell your software to restaurant owners because they don’t have the same needs as digital marketers that are running multiple accounts in different industries.

Relevant data lets you put your product in front of people and businesses who are already interested. This could include business owners who have searched for your services on Google, people who have answered surveys and claimed to be looking for what you have to offer, or businesses in the industry you serve.

What is GDPR Compliance Data?

The General Data Protection Regulation law was recently put into place in Europe in 2018. This privacy act is the strictest of its kind and has many sections. One of them states that individuals have the right to ask organisations and businesses to delete their data. It is crucial to comply with the GDPR rules when dealing with B2B lists in the UK.

Wrap Up

B2B marketing data is crucial to any company’s marketing strategy. Our B2B email lists allow you to reach more prospects and put in less work when closing sales. If you would like to purchase a B2B list from our database, check out our website and find one that fits your needs perfectly!

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